The Road to Positive Training

Essential Training

Growing up as an animal lover lead me to my path of working with dogs. I volunteered for a rescue in Sussex County, NJ fostering and adopting many pups. Managing a multiple pet household was fun and a huge responsibility where I quickly learned that training was a must for my group, so my training journey began. I attended group classes where two of my pups earned their Canine Good Citizenship title, and one went on to become a therapy dog.  

During this training I was using a prong collar and quickly learned that I was invisible to my dog unless he was wearing this collar. I did some research and decided to educate myself further and graduated from Animal Behavior College. My mentor demonstrated more positive reinforcement training and I was hooked! I found a positive trainer, Pamela Dennison of Positive Motivation Dog Training, and signed up for classes, seminars, workshops, you name it. My sessions with Pamela are invaluable and helped shape my goals of training. 

I went on to become a certified positive trainer by attending several training academies with Pat Miller of Peaceable Paws in Fairplay Maryland earning my PMCT certification. I continue to further my education by attending seminars, workshops, and participate in positive training discussions all of which are required to maintain my certification. 

For Paw Drive is a fully insured, certified positive reinforcement dog training business. I also regularly consult veterinarians, behaviorists, and experts in the field to make sure that my methods and nutritional and medical advice are 100% up to date and correct. I take your pet’s health and well being as seriously as humanly possible!


For Paw Drive believes that owning a pet is an amazing and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your pet properly will lead you to a greater understanding of the animal, and I firmly believe in the owner-pet bond being one of mutual understanding and respect. I immerse you fully in the training process, and with this holistic approach, I find that owners end up learning as much, if not more, than their pets. Please contact to find out more about my kind, no force, no fear approach to training.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Training is Fun


Trish Ryan

Passionate. Patient. Positive. Pet-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each dog is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance through proven positive methods.  Whether you’re thinking about getting a new furry friend or already have one I provide the tools to set you and your pup up for success.