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Is your pup....

An over exuberant greeter 

A toy annihilator 

A gardener/landscaper

First out of the starting gate

A shoe designer

The delivery person police

A "garbologist" (trash inspector)

Ignoring you when you call them

An interior re-designer

A social butterfly...too outgoing

A wallflower...too shy

Anxious at the Vet/Groomer

Walking you on the leash

Wildlife patrol

Skittish, fearful, timid

Struggling when you apply treatment

If you answered yes or you are nodding your head in agreement to one or more of the above... For Paw Drive can help you help your pup!

We offer positive solutions for jumping, leash pulling, chewing, barking, digging, potty training, crate training, and the destructive behaviors puppies and dogs find so rewarding. 

No need to fear, these issues are workable. We provide the skills to help you address these and more behaviors using positive training and management.

Training starts out in your home, right where you need it the most. Choose from live online virtual training, no fancy technology required, or at your home. 

For Paw Drive

Providing training and behavior solutions positively

We offer live interactive virtual training anywhere in the US! 
If you prefer in person learning, we are available in
South Carolina and North Carolina


Trish Ryan


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