Day Training....

We do the heavy lifting for you!

Whether you just brought home a new pup, or are in need of training for your pooch but your

schedule is hectic, Day Training is the perfect option for you! Rely on For Paw Drive to train your dog in your home and out and about in real life situations. So if you are off to work or work out, Day Training allows you to feel confident your dog is learning the skills to be a well behaved companion. Packages are set up based on dog's age and desired behaviors. 

Say Please and Thank You.....Polite Puppy (8 weeks-6 months)

6 sessions, 5 in home or live online, and one field trip

Polite Manners training is essential to your pup's learning to become a well behaved furry family member. Your pup has plenty of potential to learn and understand cues, and we will lay the foundation for you to build upon. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your puppy by addressing house training, chewing, nipping, age appropriate socialization, and what to expect next. Using management and training, you and your pup will have a terrific relationship. 

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.....Manners Training 6 + months

4 Sessions, 3 in home or live online and one field trip

Does your doggo need to brush up some manners? Has adolescence taken over your pup's brain?? Whether you're dealing with a teenager, a newly acquired young dog, or your dog needs a refresher course, Manners training is for you. We will work on helping your furry friend gain self control and patience without being pushy or overexcited. Be proud of your pup when you take them to pet friendly places and outings. 

Behavior Modification

Private consultation, includes write up and action plan, number of sessions depends on the behavior/s.

My dog is great except for___________ (fill in the blank)

Behavior Modification is a passion, one that is very close to heart by working with my own dogs' behavioral issues. I work closely with each one of my clients and their dogs to implement my proven problem solving process using positive reinforcement training and management. I will customize a plan that suits you and your dog's lifestyle. 

Fear Free Training 

Is your pup afraid at the Veterinarians office or groomer? We can help ease your pets' stress by reducing their anxiety through Fear Free training methods that alleviate fear and take your pets' emotional health into consideration.

Managing a multi-dog home

Looking for twice (or more) the fun?  If you are thinking of adding a furry friend to keep your dog company or you'd like to expand your existing group, there are specific factors to keep in mind. Sure, more than one can be great, but sometimes it doesn't go as planned. We can help integrate your new addition and help the transition go a little smoother.  By training both your existing dog and your new friend you will learn how to manage having more than one and set all up for success.

Single session starting at $90.00 +

Multiple session packages starting at $335.00 +*

Packages come with lots of goodies to start you and your pup out on the right paw

Not sure how many sessions you would like, no worries! A single session can help you decide to move forward by continuing on the positive training path with additional sessions, we offer savings on packages of four or more sessions.